Working in Partnership

To get things delivered for our clients it sometimes calls for teamwork and over the years we’ve worked alongside some fantastic organisations. So, think of working with us as gaining access to a whole team of specialist providers, tried, tested and trusted, and with reputations second to none.

Typically, we’ll partner up with another provider when there is an element of delivery which they specialise in and where that approach can positively impact speed or quality of delivery. It goes without saying that if we feel this approach can benefit you we’ll always discuss and agree the details up front.

Here’s a small selection of just some of the providers we’ve worked closely with.

We’ve worked alongside Qdos many times in very different organisations for delivery of executive coaching and leadership development. What we love about them most is their approach, no nonsense, pragmatic, simplifying concepts and theories, with delivery tailored to their audience. Nothing is ever ‘off the shelf’.

We worked with Reward Gateway to introduce a new reward and engagement platform for a client who wanted to improve their overall benefits offering and find ways to reduce their employees’ everyday expenses through discounts, access to financial resources and wellbeing solutions etc. We worked closely with them to design and tailor the look and feel of the platform and to launch and embed this across the organisation. Of all the providers we looked at we felt that RG knew their stuff and with their track record, were best placed to provide ongoing support.

Rob Olorenshaw is a well respected certified coach and facilitator, working with senior business leaders and their teams across multiple industries and sectors, both nationally and internationally. Having worked himself at Director level in a number of sectors, Rob is well versed in the challenges faced by Business leaders today, and well placed to provide one to one coaching support at that level.  We have recommended Rob to our clients and seen first hand the benefits that his approach and expertise brings.

If you’re looking for a much more modern approach to traditional appraisal, then we can vouch for these guys. Long gone are the days of the painful once or twice a year conversation which is way past its sell by date. If you’re looking for an approach that engages your people, strips out the onerous paperwork and allows for real time feedback, with logging and tracking of objectives and progress along the way, then look no further.

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