Repositioning Policies and Procedures

We're working with some great HR teams and organisations who understand the impact of HR policies and procedures on the overall employee experience.

It's important to align the tone and language with your culture, stripping out unnecessary bureaucracy and trusting your people to do the right thing, but balancing this with the need for legal compliance.

This is a challenge when it comes to some of those bread and butter 'core' policies and procedures like disciplinary, grievance and appeals where we have to pay close attention to legal requirements.

So how can we tackle this?

One approach we're using more and more with clients is to position or frame policies and procedures so that you give your people the headlines without the gory detail but at the same time conveying a real flavour of what it looks and feels like to work here. Think of these as the key messages overarching the detailed procedures.

Click here to see an example of how we positioned new disciplinary and grievance procedures for a client.

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