Engaging your audience when communicating change

When it comes to keeping people up to speed, this provides an opportunity to create a real buzz of excitement and to get people talking. So, when planning projects or rolling out a new initiative it’s important to have a comprehensive communications strategy in place to engage people along the way.

We’ve worked alongside some great marketing and comms teams to develop a series of communications that allow us to ‘drip feed’ key bits of information and/or important messages in a way which engages our audience throughout the duration of a project or in the build up to launch date.

We use a variety of methods to share information including emails, posters, ‘desk drops’, texting, and where we can, taking advantage of the wonderful digital technology that’s available to share images and videos. This can be unbeatable when it comes to pointing people to ‘stuff’ or announcing changes to policies/procedures and the like, generally bringing a topic to life.

Here’s some examples of some ‘comms’ we’ve used to get people’s attention and to engage the workforce, ahead of launching new initiatives for our clients. And don’t be afraid to experiment with technology, it’s a great opportunity to bring out your inner Steven Spielberg.

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