Do your people dream of a better employment experience?


OK, tongue in cheek maybe,
but stick with us

Living through a pandemic, has taught us a lot about how we work, and it’s changed our expectations. To stand out in a competitive job market, to attract and keep the people we need, we must create and deliver the best employment experience. So, whilst most of us don't expect to be wearing sandals and factor 50 to work any time soon, getting it right is key. You’ll see and feel the difference, and so will your customers.

Partner with My People Team as your provider for a range of HR services, and we’ll help you put your people at the centre, doing the things that will make a difference, for your organisation, your people and your customers.

So, what is ‘employment experience’.

Have you ever experienced that Sunday night feeling, the thought of work the next day in a job you hate, not feeling trusted, respected or fulfilled ?

How your people feel about your organisation and the work that they do, is shaped by many things, how they connect with your values, culture, vision and strategy, and based on their day-to-day interactions in the workplace. This is their ‘employment experience’.

And why it matters.

The overwhelming evidence is that people do their best work and are more likely to stay when they have a positive employment experience. In a 2021 Willis Towers Watson global survey, 92% of employers said that enhancing the employment experience is a priority for the next 3 years.

We’d be happy to share some of the research and ‘science’ with you and to bring it to life.

What do you want your people to be saying about your organisation?

Do they understand and believe in your vision and purpose?
Have you got the balance right between compliance and trust?
Are your people empowered to make decisions?
Are your policies and procedures modern and fit for purpose?
Are people able to work flexibly?
Are you developing them to be the best they can be?
Do they feel rewarded (and that’s not just about basic pay)?
Do you demonstrate you care about their wellbeing?
Do your people have a voice?
Are they proud of the organisation and what you stand for?

What next?

Give us a call or drop us an email. We’ll chat over a coffee (or tea), and we’ll do lots of listening to help us identify where and how we can help. If you like what we suggest, we’ll agree some next steps.

There won’t be any hard sell, we’ll even pay for coffee! What’s not to like.

For now, here’s a quick checklist of what we do.